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Staying ahead of the competition in the modern-day business environment requires a little more than outstanding products and services. Instead, it's all about marketing your business through the proper channels and discovering growth opportunities. 

At Vivify Marketing, we keep you ahead of the curve by helping you get noticed by your target audience and paving your path towards growth and success. 

Focus On Your Core Competencies While We Take Care Of

Giving You Visibility

At Vivify Marketing, we take over your marketing efforts to help you expand your reach and get more customers cost-effectively. Our North York marketing consultants will partner with you to create a strategic marketing plan that you can seamlessly adapt as per your business model to accelerate your growth. 

From coordinating with local influencers to partnering with vendors and effectively utilizing media sources, we take a total approach to helping you reach your goals. 

Set Your Business Up

For Success

At Vivify Marketing, we grow when you grow. Our business consulting solutions go beyond effectively marketing your business. We also help you drive more value to your business through strategic plans designed to help you maximize your returns and establish yourself as an authority in your domain beyond the foreseeable future.

Get The Funding You Need To Grow
Get The Funding You Need To Grow

Bold business ideas usually require considerable capital to set them in motion. However, getting the financing, you need at fair rates is not easy. At Vivify Marketing, we help you get the funding to finance your projects or establish your start-ups. Leveraging our robust network of lenders, we will help you obtain financing at the most affordable interest rates and reasonable payback. 

Find A Strategic Location For Your Business
Find A Strategic Location For Your Business

The location of your business plays a crucial role in not only influencing your ability to market your products and services but it also determines their accessibility to your clients. We help choose a location that allows you to stay ahead of your competition while reducing your total cost of operation and increasing your brand's visibility.

Establish A Positive Public Perception
Establish A Positive Public Perception

Your reputation as a business directly impacts how the public perceives you, influencing the buying decisions of your potential customers and opportunities to partner with other business entities. From promoting your brand values and handling customers to enhancing your online presence and gaining loyal customers, we offer all-inclusive public relations services for businesses at all stages of growth.  

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Digital Marketing & Business Goals

Our North York digital marketing consultants are ready to formulate effective digital marketing and business growth strategies to keep you ahead of your competition. Let's get started.

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