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Competition to acquire the top position in Google search results is quite obvious. We have taken an example of Google because, according to a report, more than 92% of the people use it for searching. According to Ahrefs.com, around 45% of Google searches are local. Now, what does this mean? This simply means that a search engine somehow picks the relevant records and prefers the local results based on the user’s search intent. Here the topic of local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) becomes very important. We are a team of experts located in Toronto and an expert team in implementing and planning a strategy for local SEO, which will certainly boost your business. We will optimize your online presence to present your business in a way that a search engine likes.

You may have any type of business from a grocery shop to a doctor’s office. From small business to a larger setup, we can improve your SERP performance with proven techniques and strategies. Let us give you a brief introduction to some of the steps we take.

Some Important Factors for Local SEO

A search engine is intelligent enough to find out the best and suitable result to show to users. Moreover, it matches certain aspects and thus presents the best results in SERP. Our team in Toronto understands it very well and optimizes your business for local SEO in a way that a search engine ranks your business on top of the SERP. Let us tell you what factors a search engine considers before prioritizing your business to show to users.

·         Proximity

Undoubtedly, there is no use of a local SEO if it does not provide a local business against a specific query. A search engine checks which business listing is close by and prefers that result.

·         Relevancy

A search engine checks a business for relevancy. How would it check it to be a relevant result? That is up to us. In other words, we will optimize your business for a local SEO, and the search engines will prefer your business if the search query is related to your business. We are the best local SEO services providers in Toronto.

·         Prominence

Yes, there might be several businesses that may be working on getting on the top of a SERP. A search engine finds out what other consumers have to say about your product. In short, that is another factor.

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Google My Business – Local SEO

Have you ever tried searching for some brand or shop where Google started showing you a knowledge graph on the right-hand side? How did Google pick up that information? Moreover, that graph usually has some extra information about the timing, address, contact, and some other useful data, including reviews. This surely attracts a user who is searching for something, and this knowledge graph is displayed.

What do you think about the chances that a user will notice and engage with this result? Undoubtedly, a user will engage and that is a good example of local SEO. Please let our team in Toronto do local SEO for your business to the top of the search results.

What we do is add your business information in Google My Business to let Google know about the business we are in, including some other useful information to be displayed in the knowledge graph.

Citations – Local SEO

Our team is specialized and expert in citations. We just don’t build citations on any irrelevant site. Our team of SEO experts checks a site and page for placing your business information to that page. How much does a citation building help a business? The answer to this question is simple. You are likely to get overtaken by people if your competitors appear in the places, and you are not. We are experts in building structure as well as an unstructured citation for you. In other words, we know what the best way is and how to achieve the best result. For local SEO, our team is the best in Toronto.

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Managing Reviews & Ratings – Local SEO

As mentioned above, the reviews and ratings are an important aspect of a local SEO. That surely increases the credibility of your business. Negative and positive, both types of reviews are an important element of a business. Undoubtedly, a search engine considers it important with respect to user engagement.

You must not worry about that as well. Our team located in Toronto is here to take care of your business for local SEO.

Getting Quality Backlinks

Undoubtedly, quality and relevant backlinks are one of the most important aspects of SEO. It becomes more important when it comes to local SEO. For instance, a relevant and quality backlink helps a search engine to have trust in your site and information it contains. We are here to help you with quality links from local listings and directories. Our team is an expert in achieving that goal through citation building.

Local SEO – Why

You own a business with some good products of information but not getting any traffic. You may be providing good services as compared to your competitors, but you have to show your digital presence. A search engine has to know more about your business before it outranks anyone else and prefers your business.

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Are those the only area we target for a local search engine optimization? Those were just for your brief idea. There are a lot of other strategies we implement, which we have developed over the past few years. We do a lot more than we have mentioned here, including your social presence. Our team is here to optimize your business for local SEO and if you want your business to be optimized for Toronto, you may give us a call, and we will do the rest of the job for you.

Let us be your local SEO specialist. Contact us for more information.