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Please right-click link below and press "save link as"

  1. Add an image by finding “media” on left tab
    1. Press “add new” which can be found at the top by “Media Library”
    2. Drag and Drop your image in the square that was created. (or find the image through “select file”
    3. Wait until the image is uploaded
  2. Go to left menu of items and click on “Products”
    1. Press “Add New”
      1. In “Product Name” field add your Item Name
      2. In Field Under (big white box), Add “Size”
      3. Scroll to the bottom to see “Product Short Description”, in this field, add your description
      4. Scroll back up and look at the right side and find “Product Categories” and click the subcategory it should be in
      5. Click Product Image and click the image that you want to use for the product.
      6. Scroll back to the top and click the button “publish”
  3. Go back to first step and keep repeating until you have uploaded all products.